Best Destinations in the Seychelles

Visiting La Digue:

La Digue is famous for its ox cart traditional transport and the legendary Anse Source d’Argent beach. Where to stay in La Digue Island, the fourth largest island in the Seychelles Archipelago? You can explore the Veuve Reserve by hiring bicycles, another common type of transport, where you will find the famous Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher. The Union Estate is a Seychelles ecotourism site where you can observe how the giant turtles live, experience a cinnamon farm and a vanilla plantation, and the traditional Copra kiln and ox driven, oil-making mill.

As for the accommodation on this Seychelles island, the La Digue island lodge is the only 4-star hotel on the island. It offers a self-catering apartment or a guesthouse where you can stay surrounded by nature. As for the gastronomy, there are amny Creole restaurants where you can experience authentic Creole cuisine and other international foods.

Visiting Praslin

Wondering about the accommodation  Praslin Island? Praslin can be your base camp to visit other island like Cousin, Curieusse, Aride, St Piere, Coco and Sister islands. Many people enjoy the cote dor side of praslin.

There are two common options for transport here:

1- Domestic flights from Mahe to Praslin, then a fast catamaran from Praslin for a duration of 15 minutes.

2- A fast catamaran from Mahe to Praslin, and then to La Digue for a total travelling time of about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Visit Cousin Island

Cousin Island is a bird sanctuary owned by BirdLife International and managed by BirdLife Seychelles, a local NGO. There is a landing fee to visit Cousin. Over 10,000 visitors come to Cousin every year.

There are no hotels on Cousin Island, but it is only possible to take Cousin Island day trips. There are some small boat charter companies in Praslin and La Digue that can take you to Cousin for a fee and add leisure activities of your choice.

Cousin is not only for birders; it has a extensive intact biodiversity to be discovered. If you are lucky, the day you visit you may even encounter a turtle laying its eggs!

Boasting the highest density of lizards per hectare in the world, the island is a major Seychelles ecotourism site; it is also home to 5 endemic land birds such as the magpie robin and the brush warblers. We have endemics fauna and amazing aquatic life. I have also heard that is has awesome snorkelling, though I like to keep my head above water.

Swim with Sharks!

Sounds crazy but actually the whale shark are huge friendly creatures. Lucky for human this humble majestic sea animal do not eat flesh. It survives on plankton for its diet. The whale shark will get closer to land until September. The whale shark normally swims on the surface  like a huge vacuum cleaner, pumping all the small particles in its way for lunch. Humans take this opportunity to swim alongside this massive sea creature that can get up to 20 metres long. A word of caution: be careful! It is still a fish in the wild and with one swoop of the tail you could be killed. Also note that in most cases there are other fish that follow the whale sharks. Have fun and take lots of pictures!