Seychelles Weddings


Wedding in the Seychelles is very popular with people combining holiday, wedding and honeymoon all in one.

There are different wedding ceremonies available for different requirements.

1)      The civil wedding is by far the most popular. It is very simple, requires only 2 witnesses and a certified registrar officer.

Marrying in Seychelles

  • Seychelles wedding venues can vary by island. However, most of the time it is a beach or a hotel wedding. In all cases the registrar will go to the wedding location.
  • The wedding venue is decorated with tropical flowers and branches to give a tropical ambiance to the wedding.


2)      Some guests do request for a church wedding (mostly RC church). However, this is more complex because the church requirements have to be met and a church wedding must schedule with a parish priest at leasMarrying in Seychellest 6 months in advance.


  • Before you can have a church wedding you must be legally married.
  • You can combine your Seychelles civil wedding with your church wedding.
  • The church wedding is done in a parish church. There are 15 parishes on Mahe, Praslin and la digue island. Whilst your civil wedding can be done where you please.


3)      Special licences wedding.  This is for couple that cannot comply with the stay requirement necessary to get married in the Seychelles. You can buy a special license that allows you to get married in a shorter period of time but you have to show proof to why such special wedding license is required.


  • This is for busy couple that has been planning to get married for years but continue to have a busy schedule. Normally these couple will arrive one day, get married and depart the next day.


If there are any questions or concerns, Holiday Seychelles will gladly respond through phone or email. There are many accommodations in Seychelles that are also available for honeymoon deals offered for any budget, if couples are planning to stay in the Seychelles islands after the wedding.



Seychelles civil wedding ceremony - legal requirements