Seychelles civil ceremony – legal requirements.

In order to get married in the Seychelles you must fulfil the legal requirements stated by law.

1)     Requirements for your wedding;

  • Photocopy of the first picture page of both passport, showing the party's personal details
  • Photocopy of the couples Birth Certificates
  • If previously married a copy of the previous Marriage Certificate and the Decree Absolute, if one or both parties have been divorced
  • If one or both parties of a previous Marriage are widowed a copy of Death Certificate
  • Photocopy of the Deed Poll if one or both parties have legally changed the names.
  • Photocopy of parental consent in the form of an Affidavit if either person is less than 18 years of age

2)     Essential to know;

  • By Law Couples must stay 3 nights before weddings date
  • Clients have to confirm their wedding 30 days minimum before their wedding date  
  • Minimum Age of either or both parties 18 years, if either party are less than 18 years a parent or legal guardian must accompany applicants.
  • Weddings are generally held from Mondays to Fridays. Weddings on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays incur a supplementary charge, and may be booked on request-basis, for confirmation at the discretion of the registrar.
  • Weddings are generally held between 14h00 and 16h00 - other timings are possible on request basis

3)     Cancellation Policy

  • Once a wedding is confirmed there cannot refund the full amount due to cancellation because all the cost would have already been committed to the various agents.


Special wedding packages

You may require additional documents.

For Swiss citizens: Wohnsitzbescheinigung is required. A copy of their Certificate of Domicile and  Personenstandsausweis as well as a legal document to show that there is no impediment or lawful hindrance; if not the above are obtainable, an affidavit is to be signed in the presence of the Honorary Swiss Consul in Seychelles, after the solemn declaration of domicile, as part of the marriage.

Registration process. Note: Fax copies are not accepted. An extra 20 Euros applies for the Swiss Consulate to process the wedding documents.

For French citizens: Couples are required to make attestations at the French Embassy before their marriage. In exceptional circumstances, the consular official may waive this stipulation and accept formalities being made after the wedding.

A copy of each party's Identification Card, an official family record book [livret de famille d'enfants communs qui pourraient être légitimés par le marriage - Article 171-1 du code civil], and a passport photograph each for registration purposes at the Embassy in Victoria.

If either party is not of French nationality, a notarised copy of all relevant documents

Translated in French should be submitted. Note: The French Embassy in Seychelles is only able to register marriages when at least one party is a French national - in the event that both parties are of foreign nationality, liaisons for registration should be addressed to their own Embassy / Consulate.

All relevant documents should be forwarded to the French Embassy two months prior to the wedding date as publication of forth coming weddings must be now publish in France.

For Italian citizens: A copy of the certification of registered domicile, the couple's Town Registration in Italy.


Documents must all be either in the English or French language.

In the case of other nationalities, a notarised translation must be presented with the original copies. The documents may be scanned and email to Holidays Seychelles with the originals being presented upon arrival in Seychelles.