Weather in the Seychelles

Find out the latest weather in the Seychelles below with our 6-day weather forecast and detailed Seychelles climate information.

Using the tradewinds to plan your Seychelles holiday

The trade winds determine the seasons of the Seychelles.

  • The northwest winds bring warm and wet airstreams between October and May.
  • The southeast trade winds bring in dry and cool weather between May and September.

In the southeast trade wind (monsoon) the wind is strong and consistent enough to make the sea choppy. The northwest tradewinds (monsoon) between October to May are all relatively calm, without much wind.


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If you are not a sea person but wish to try a live aboard vacation, then a visit during the time of the northwest tradewinds would be best for you. During the southeast trade winds, normal onland Seychelles ccommodation is best. Living aboard brings a different perpective to your holiday. Compare the cost and inquire with us for more information.

You need to stay in the beau vallon area during the subios and regatta week.


Quick  outlook: may to October very dry, by July every body will be praying for rain. december to February wet,

Seychelles has a tropical climate. It is humid and hot for a major portion of the year, but the sea breeze tones down the heat to some extent. The Seychelles enjoys perfect beach weather. Temperatures in the Seychelles remain between 24 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius all around the year. The islands are the hottest between December and April. Tropical rains fall between January (when the rainfall is the highest) and February. Silhouette and Mahe, the islands with the most mountains, get the maximum rainfall. Rains in the Seychelles descend suddenly in heavy bursts. The driest period is between July and August.

The Seychelles lies outside the cyclonic zone. However, cyclonic activity anywhere in the Indian Ocean does cause the weather in the islands to turn windy and overcast, especially between December and March.

When to visit the Seychelles

One can visit the Seychelles at any time of the year. The islands enjoy a steady heat of around 29 degrees Celsius. The heat is more bearable between May and September, and the possibility of tropical rains is less. The peak seasons are between December and January, and July and August. Hotel tariffs during this period are higher and it is not easy to find accommodation in the Seychelles. Easter is also a busy period.

When you plan a trip to the Seychelles, do remember that the seasons are influenced by the direction of the winds during the monsoons. The northwest monsoons give rise to humid and hot weather between November and April. For the rest of the year, the southeast monsoons bring dry, strong winds that cause the sea to become rough.

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Six-day forecast (Details)°F | °C
May 26
Hi:  86°F
Lo:  80°F
May 27
Hi:  87°F
Lo:  80°F
May 28
Hi:  87°F
Lo:  81°F
May 29
Hi:  87°F
Lo:  81°F
May 30
Hi:  86°F
Lo:  82°F
May 31
Hi:  87°F
Lo:  80°F