Seychelles Tours and Activities

Bonzour and welcome to our online Seychelles tours and activities booking portal! Whilst the uncrowded and stunning beaches of the Seychelles are its main drawcard, there are plenty of other things to see and do on a Seychelles Holiday.

Wildlife spotting, diving, snorkelling and trekking along its jungle trails are just some of the highlights of a tour in the Seychelles. Take a look through our varied range of Seychelles tours below and complete your ideal Seychelles holiday! If you haven't yet booked your Seychelles resort, take a look at our wide range of personally selected recommendations.

 What can I do on my Seychelles holiday?

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We have many organised tours and activities, these can be shared with other guests on an air-conditioned coach, or you can have a private tour, mostly preferred by honeymooners.

Do you like boat and the sea, You can hire a boat for a day and go fishing, trawling or bottom fishing each use different techniques. If you are a nature person you can go on a nature trail, nature trails are well documented and the path are cleared, marked and secure.

 Seychelles nature reserves

 Seychelles have different parks and reserves, on Praslin island you have The world heritage site “The Vallee de Mai” “fond bofait praslin” is another good natural reserve. There are various marine parks, ste anne, port launay, both providing good snorkelling.


How to book your Seychelles tours and activities?

There is a certain sequence that most people follow;

Check your hotel availability and book the corresponding flight. Once your hotel and flight is confirmed then you start looking for things to do. Choose from our exciting tours in Seychelles, discover and experience the legendary beauty of the islands for yourself.

One of my best holiday ever was when I took my children (they were 6 and 8 years old then) from praslin each day we went to a neighbouring island, swim with the fish from sister or coco island, barbeque on the beach at curieuse island, Now Oplezir  catamaran from creole does a better job.

Beach Holiday in Seychelles


When on your beach holiday in the Seychelles do like the local, The beach in the Seychelles is the only public place that you can drink alcohol, do not hesitate to take a couple of cold beers with you, remember to take the empties with you when you leave, return the empties to the shop next time and your beer will be cheaper because of the deposits.  

Rejuvenate yourself

You can have your exotic, luxury holiday on mahe, praslin or la digue island. On these islands you will not be stick with specific things to do. You can explore in your own time and make to most of the surrounding beauty.

See the Seychelles!


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