Seychelles Destination Guide

The Seychelles islands are undoubtedly the most beautiful place that you can visit. The Seychelles islands are not one place it is a group of island each with its own characteristics and charms. The Seychelles islands have hundreds of unique plants and animals giving it an extensive list of endemic species. Because of its diversity in nature it may not be possible to see all on them in one visit. For diving enthusiast the Seychelles Island is the MECCA of the diving world. 

Of the 115 islands in the Seychelles, 74 are low-lying coral reefs and atolls, called the Outer Islands. The other 41 islands, known as the Inner islands, are the world's oldest granitic islands and are clustered around Mahe, the main island. Victoria, capital of Seychelles, and the Seychelles International Airport are located in Mahe. La Digue and Praslin are two other important satellite islands of Mahe. Most of the cultural, economic and tourist activity of Seychelles are concentrated in the Inner islands, where there are beautiful beaches and good tourist facilities that make for a perfect Seychelles vacation.

The islands of Seychelles are endowed with a veritable treasure of flora and fauna. They also have an amazing beauty which attracts tourists from all over the world. Seychelles is the ultimate tropical paradise.

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The island paradise of the Seychelles offers many wonderful highlights for those lucky enough to travel there. Take a look through our detailed Seychelles Destination Guide below for information on the major attractions of a Seychelles vacation. Many of these are ideal for being enjoyed on one of our Seychelles tours or activities. You should also take a look at our Seychelles Country Guide which provides general information for your trip to these spectacular islands.

Things to See & Do in the Seychelles

Planning your journey Top

Travelling from South America, it will be faster if you travel via Jo'berg South Africa. Air Seychelles offers 2 flights during weekends. You can consider combining a wild safari with a beach holiday.

Travelling from North America, from the east, there are lots of options available because there are a few low cost travel options across the Atlantic. Air Seychelles has 12 flights weekly from Europe, mainly London and Paris, the Emirates, and Qatar has 6 flights a week each (all flights transit through the home country). If you are travelling from the west, you might want to consider travelling via Singapore and pick up an Air Seychelles weekly flight.

Travelling from the Asian continent and the Far East, your best bet will be to get to Singapore and connect to Air Seychelles.

For our friends from the European continent, the Middle East and India, there are about 20 flights a week to the Seychelles from these airlines: Emirates, Qatar, Condor and Air Seychelles.

Beaches Top

The pictures are never wrong when it comes to the Seychelles' beaches. You will always find what you are looking for, and experiencing the local environment for yourself is soothing. You may prefer the popular beaches, for example on Mahe islands, Beau Vallon Beach, Intendance, Anse Royale, Anse Lazio on Praslin and Anse Source D'argent on La Digue Island. Some may prefer the less popular ones which are less crowed and more secluded, such as: Anse Georgette on Praslin, Anse Marie-Louise, Anse Major and Anse Soleil on Mahe Island. Some of the beaches in the Seychelles do have no swimming signs, for example on grand Anse Mahe Beach and Intendance Beach. Please pay attention when these signs are up.

Some of the beaches have good Seychelles restaurants close by such as: Anse Soleil, Anse Takamaka, Beau Vallon Beach, Anse Lazio, Anse Patate and Anse Source D'argent. Some villages may only have taken away restaurants. Your hotel may provide a pack lunch but ensure that you carry plenty of drinking water.

Too many times we see people get sun burnt. Sunburn happen when you stay in the sun for too long without any proper cream or tan lotion. When you arrive to a tropical paradise and go into direct sunlight with minimal clothing, an hour later you will turn red. Take your time because the tan that you will get in the shade will last longer than that you will get from direct sunlight, and will not peel off. You can get sunburnt while snorkeling as well, so please be moderate and know when to stop. Sunburns can ruin your holiday, so take care of your children.


Visa Top

Visa for entering the SeychellesHolidaying in the Seychelles is one vacation that you will not regret with no pre- requirement for an entry Visa. You will get an entry visa by the immigration officer when you have arrived in Seychelles. To avoid any conflicts with the immigration on the arrival we advise you to bring at least one valid return ticket, reserved accommodation, sufficient funding for the duration of your stay and a valid passport. The entry visa is for three weeks durations so if you are planning to extend your vacations, you must apply for extension in advance or before the date of departure to the civil status officer. Your airline tickets and visa will have a few impacts on your vacation because you will have to apply a new visa at least three days before the initial entry visa expires.

Bird Island Top


Bird Island which is a privately owned island is surrounded by white beachBird Island santuaryes and crystal clear blue waters. Previously known as Île aux Vaches because of the sea dugongs which lived around in the clear waters. Now they have been extinct. The island was also a place where guano (dropping of birds and accumulation of dead bodies) were removed for exportation. Nowadays we only use the guano as fertilizers in plants. This island has a small tourist establishment and the island is also home for a colony of sea birds which make the  island their nesting place.

Bird Watching Top


Bird watching in Seychelles is something very fascinating. It starts as Seychelles blue pigeonsoon as you land on the island as there are so many birds everywhere.
Seychelles is home to some very rare birds, like the black parrots (found in the Vallee de Mai Reserve on Praslin Island) and the Seychelles paradise flycatchers (found at the Veuve Reserve on La Digue Island). There are also some birds which are native to the Seychelles and the Seychelles white eyed, is one of the 12 endemic birds we have in Seychelles.

Botanical Gardens, Victoria Top


Can also be described as the Garden of Eden. It's home for many indigenous andThe botanical garden endemic plants of the Seychelles like the impressive collections of palms which also include the six endemic palms, the giants tortoise and the famous coco de Mer nut which are in reach. The garden is the perfect place to relax and breath the fresh and pure air of nature.

Cousin Island Top

Cousin Island is the place on earth to be if you are a nature lover. It is home to nBirds on cousinearly a third of all the endemic and rarest species we have here in Seychelles like insects, birds and it's a quiet place also where the sea turtle came to lay their eggs in tranquillity and peace. The Island is a true paradise for endemic birds and weird insect like the giant millipede and big lizards.

Curieuse Island Top


Curieuse is a very small island close to Praslin. There are lots of interesting tCurieuse Island and marine parkhings one can see and learn on the island like the doctor's house turned into a museum today, and where the leprosy stayed. The island is home to the famous coco de Mer palm and all the different types of mangroves can also be found there. The island is moreover home to some giants  land tortoise and the place of attraction around the island is the Curieuse marine national park and snorkelling near St. Pierre Island.

Denis Island Top

Denis is relatively an unexplored and untouched island which holds out theUntouched Denis Island promise of a magical experience. This privately owned island is an emerald green, flat coral island edged by white beaches with coral reefs. The island offers facilities such as diving, windsurfing,  canoeing and it is a favoured spot for big game fisherman.

Desroches Island Top

This small, narrow, flat, long island is one of the more popular islands among tourists. Nearly circular, it has long stretches of dazzling white, sandy beaches and is covered with coconut trees and casuarina trees. Déroches is well suited for big game fishing and is well known for scuba diving. Moving around the island can either be by bicycle or on foot, as the island is very flat.

Mahe Island Top

When you arrived on Mahe at the International Airport you will a see a tremendous natural granite boulder. Hiking is the best way to explore the tropical nature of the Mahe. You can go for a hike on Trois Frères, Copolia, and Morne Blanc Mountain. Sir SeClock tower in Victoria townlwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market is a place you must definitely explore, finding numerous Victoria arts and artisan galleries. Souvenirs and world-class diamonds can be purchased at the famed Kenwyn House. Every Friday there is Bazare Victoria and on Wednesday there is Bazare Labrin at Beau Vallon beach where you can dance Moutia in moon light. Can visit the art studios on Mahe where you can buy the local paintings. You can explore the Botanical garden, Tea  tavern, Biodiversity Center, Jardin Du Roi, Craft Village and the Seychelles Museums. If you like golf, Seychelles Golf Club is the place you should be. You can start your nightlife in Victoria, where there's casino's, discotheque and cinema. Utegangar horse riding centre is the only place on Mahe that you can experience a unique galloping time on Grand Anse Beach. Our favorite pasttime on the island is the Mahe nature trail.

Praslin Island Top


Praslin boasts a mountain ridge that runs down the centre of the island, surrounded by a soft, white sand shoreline that gives way to breathtakingly beautiful, azure waters. Scuba diving and snorkelling are generally top Praslin vacation pursuits. The Vallee de Mai is the top Praslin attraction, and it is where you will find the rare Coco de MFamous white sandy beach of Anse Lazioer palm tree. On the cultural side of Praslin attractions, the George Camille Art Gallery is worth dropping in on if you have the time. Black Pearl LTD farm is the only place in Seychelles that cultivate pearls  from the Seychelles ‘Black Lip Oyster. There are three attractions at the farm there's the Giant Clam Farm, Pearl Farm and the Black Pearl shop. You can go for a hike at Fond Ferdinand and Glacis Noire. For those that like golf, the ideal place for you is Lemuria Resort championship golf course with 18 holes. You can also spend some amazing time on the neighbouring islands of Praslin such as Aride, Curieuse, Cousin, Ste Pierre and La Digue Island. Anse Lazio is the best-known Praslin beach with  huge granite boulders, and coral reef which gives rise to conducive area for snorkelling and safe bathing.


La Digue Top

La Digue is a beautiful island with a serene atmosphere and its old world charm firmly in place. In fact, the ruling modes of transport on this island are the ox cart and the bicycles! Time has literally stood still on La Digue. On la Digue you can visit the Paradise Flycatcher Reserve, lots of local artists Studio, the "Nid Aigle" ("Eagles Nest") is a trail well worth the climb you will see a beautiful view across the island and the crystal clear waters that surround it.  See for yourself on our tour to Valle de Mai and La Digue.

The beautiful white sandy beaches at Anse Source D'Argent and the Union Estate Park which have a variety of attractions such as the giant granite boulder at the back of the Seychelles Giant Aldabra tortoise pen, there you can visit the oldest vanilla and coconuThe well known Anse Source D'argentt plantations in Seychelles, the old colonial style bungalow of the French owner has been converted into the holiday home of the President of Seychelles. You can also find an old cemetery that  was established in the eighteen century. Another attraction is the horses where you can also enjoy horse riding. As well the only remaining Copra Mill where you can witness every stage of the copra processing, from the laborious de-husking to the final purifying and bottling of the oil.

Scuba Diving or Snorkelling Top


Crystal clear waters with good visibility, numerous coral reefs and a wide arScuba diving ray of marine life make Seychelles an ideal diving and snorkelling destination. For the novice divers, there are classes run by dive shops certified by PADI that enable them to get into the water in a very short time. April-May and October-November is the best time for snorkelling, the water is calm and crystal clear. When there is calm weather try Anse la Blague on Praslin, which is absolutely gorgeous. Cerf Island Explorer operates diving excursions into the Ste Anne Marine National Park, which is good for diving year-round. Beau Vallon Bay Area, Ste Anne Marine National Park and Anse Royale is a good snorkelling site where as Desroches Island, Mammelle Island and Harrison rocks are exceptional diving site.

See the Giant Tortoises at the Aldabra Atoll Top

The Aldabra Atoll is one of the two World Heritage Sites of Seychelles. This raised coral island houses the largest number of giant tortoises in the world and there are reportedly around 150,000 tortoises on the island today. It is indeed a unique sight to see them in  masse and worth the effort taken (which is considerable) to get to Aldabra Island.

Sculpted Granite Rocks Top


Seychelles is a unique granitic island in the Indian Ocean. You can see a the granite rock at Cascade when you are at the International Airport, it is a spectacThe fascinating formation of Ros Sodyerular piece of natural sculpture brought forth from the womb of mother nature higher than the Egyptian pyramid and the great wall of China. You can also see a lot of granitic boulders on the beaches and on mountains. "Ros Sodyer" ("Caldron Rock") is a huge bowl rock formation situated at Takamaka. Pig's snout is one of the famous rock formations at Anse La Mouche. On La Digue at L'Union Estate there is an enormous display of different size granite boulder. This  is where the biggest can also be found.

Silhouette Island Top


Silhouette Island is the perfect destination for avid hikers, environmentalisSilhouette Island ts and nature lovers. La Passe jetty worth a visit for you to explore the giant tortoises in a huge pen. Anse Mondon Valley consists of many rare Seychelles Hardwood trees, orchids and shrubs. You can also visit the Grand Case and the church overlooking a glorious beach. There is a path from the Jetty to the west splits into two but both tracks finish at Grand Barbe. Bird watching can be excited between November and March as many migrants stop over the island and it may be possible to see crab plovers, greenshanks and whimbrels. There are good  snorkelling and diving spots around the Silhouette Island.

L’Union Plantation Top

Located on the island of La Digue, L’Union Plantation is one of the oldest vanilla and coconut plantations in Seychelles – and perhaps the most interesting. The old colonial style bungalow of the French owner has been converted into the holiday home of the President of Seychelles. Though it has had distinguished guests like British Prime Minister Tony Blair,  the plantation is still operational, and copra is produced here.

Helicopter Sight Seeing Tours Top


Exploring Seychelles from a helicopter is another experience altogether. The view from the helicopter of a turquoise blue sea lapping against the brilliant sand on tHelicopter Seychelles scenic flighthe beaches, with the backdrop of vividly green jungles, is highly recommended. Helicopters are the preferred mode of travel between the islands and often give you hidden glimpses of spectacular beauty. You can book for a sunset cruise flight, just 30 minutes flight through the Ste Anne Marine Park, along the coast of Mahe and through the mountain. Helicopter Seychelles offer scenic flights to Mahe, Praslin, La Digue Island and the surrounding smaller islands of Cousine, Félicité, Grand Soeur, Curieuse and Cousin.

The Vallee de Mai Top

Vallee de Mai is one of the two World Heritage Sites of Seychelles. A naturalVallee de mai nature reserve reserve located on Praslin Island, Vallee de Mai is an ancient forest that has retained the prehistoric atmosphere. The two major attractions of Vallee de Mai are the coco de Mer palms and the black parrots that are endemic in Valle De Mai. There is the female and the male coco de Mer palms. The female coco de Mer produces the biggest seed in the plant kingdom. You can also see the White slug, Praslin Snail, Bronze Eyed Gecko, Tree Frog, Tenrec, Fruit Bat and other kinds of endemic palms, screw pines, birds and plants. We offer a guided tour to the Vallee de Mai.

Seychelles currency Top

Seychelles currency

American Express, Diners Club, Travellers Cheque and Visa Cards are accepted by most establishments and shops. We advise you to take traveller's cheques in US Dollars or Pounds Sterling to avoid any additional exchange rate charges. ATM machines are accessible at major banks on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. The Seychelles currency is Rupee (SCR), divided into 100 cents.

Bank opening hours: Monday-Friday 0830-1430, Saturday 0830-1100.

Aldabra Atoll Top

The Aldabra Atoll is one of the two World Heritage Sites of Seychelles. World heritage site Aldabra AtollThis raised coral island houses the largest number of giant tortoises in the world and there are reportedly around 150,000 tortoises on the island today. From the settlement you can walk to La Gigi a small promontory at Passe Femme where you can see the World Heritage Site Plaque resting on a coral cairn. At low tide you can venture a little way up to the edge of the lagoon and see the four species of mangroves and typical champignon. Another interesting walk is in the northerly direction, you will see the remaining of the old settlement with the little chapel. A little further in the coconut grove there is the old cemetery. Other animals that reside here include both hawksbill and green turtles, and the Aldabra rail, a rare flightless bird endemic to the Indian Ocean region.

Fregate Island Top

Fregate Island, which is a privately-owned island, is a veritable treasure trove of rare species of birds, flora and fauna. The island is home to a strange insect, the long giant tenebrionid beetle or the Polposipes herculeanus. There is also a small herd of giant land tortoises which has an easy life on the beautiful little island. Fregate is also very well known for its extraordinary stories of Arab sailors and pirates treasures which once made the island a hiding places for their remarkable stolen treasures.

Aride Island Top

Aride Island is a nature reserve. The island is home to approximately hundred types of sea birds which use the island as a nesting place. There is no air strip, road or accommodation for visitors, but a shelter with tables and benches has been constructed on the beach and is simply perfect for a barbecue. Landing fee on the island is €30 or US $30 per person and it is often included with the cost of the boat transfer. Join us for a day trip to Aride Island