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Bonzour and Welcome to our Seychelles online accommodation, hotels & tours booking website. You will be able to find hotels & tours, guesthouse, apartments and self-catering accommodations in Mahe island, Praslin island, La digue island and some other smaller island close to mahe.

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How to go about planning your Seychelles cheap holiday deals?

When planning your seychelles holidays you have to remember that the seychelles is a group of small islands. Once you decide which island you want to stay or to visit. Find cheap holiday deals available by visiting our different island tabs in the middle of the page. You will arrive on mahe island international airport, transfers are required to move between island.

You have a couple of options;

  1. You can stay on one island and visit the other.You may also choose to split your holidays between islands.
  2. Stay some times on mahe island, and some times on the other islands like praslin and la digue.


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Budgeting your seychelles holidays

Our website give you access to all the costing for your seychelles holidays. The rates are seasonal so remember to enter your check-in and check-out date and press the search button. This action will update the tariffs based on the time that you wish to travel.

 We have already made some package holiday deals in our special package tab.

Our rates include all government taxes.

Holiday accommodation by island

We have arranged our seychelles accommodations by islands so that it is easier for you to find. Where to stay in the Seychelles has never been an easy choice. We have accommodation on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue islands. 

Our booking system will let you combine your stay into one booking ID so that your budget cost becomes obvious. You can mix and match hotels, guest house, self catering villas and apartments. You can also book your transfer from our transfer page. Have fun building your holiday from the comfort of your home.

 We have a vast collection of hotels, villas, guest houses and self catering at your disposal, If your require assistance call us or email us. We will reply within 24 hours.

 Type of seychelles accommodation that you may choose from.

We have a wide range of accommodations, from self-catering villas, guest houses and hotels. Where you see B&B it means that the rate include breakfast. There are some hotels that are giving some nice promotional offers so look aslo at our promotional pages and special offers.

Check-out our affordable range of Seychelles hotels, guest houses and villas on Mahe island, Praslin island and La Digue island, or contact us to help you plan your perfect holidays in Seychelles!

We also offer a wide range of exciting tours in Seychelles to explore its pristine nature and cultural sites. Just visit our Seychelles tours to make your booking!

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