Green and friendly, Green Path Transfers is a global airportĀ  transfers service with a difference. They have unique coverage, servicing destinations off-the-beaten-path where others simply don't go. Yet they ensure that they still also cover all major airports.

In keeping with their vision to help build a sustainable travel industry, Green Path Transfers is on a mission to go green. They started the journey by partnering with as many of the best green local airport transfer companies as they could around the world. All of these companies have a commitment to zero or very low carbon emissions. Whether eco taxis, or green limos, or shared shuttles running on biofuels, they have ground transportation to suit any taste or budget, all with an eco-friendly focus. For those locations where green airport transfer partners are not available, they offset 100% of the carbon emissions generated. As well, they have put in place a range of incentives and support to move all our airport transportation partners toward a greener future.