Bazar Labrine - Dusk Bazaar

Place: Beau Vallon - Mahe Island   (04 Jan 2017 - 31 Dec 2018 )


The Bazar Labrine is organised by the STB to promote small Seychellois businesses, it is a place where they can all group together to display all their good at very low cost. Because it is not only none food items, it has been mainly as an evening out for the family looking for the odd bargain.

The place between beach between the boat house and the coral strand hotel you can mix with the hundreds of Seychellois that opted not to cook at home for the evening and to try out all the Creole delicacies on show.

Dishes prepared on the spot are things like black boudin, banana chips, grilled fish, sweets, fruit salads and many more home made goodies. Also on sale will be souvenirs at better rates than in the normal sale channel.