About Us

We are your local connection in the Republic of Seychelles!

Bonzour and meet Pascal Esparon and his team at Holidays Seychelles, your local connection in resplendent Seychelles! Pascal is the director working on Mahe Island alongside Verita,Kelly, Samantha and georgette,

The Holidays Seychelles is registered and operate in the Seychelles TIN (Tax Identify Number) 761569712. Holidays Seychelles is licenced to work with FIT clients. (That is the fully independent traveller.) Guests who prefers to make reservation directly with the accommodation providers. Individual or groups.  Our job is to ensure that we promote quality and affordable products. These products are graded by our past visitors on a scale 0-5 and a scale 0 to3 for hotels doing a little extra to protect our environment.

We believe that the Seychelles tourism industry should benefit all citizens. Therefore, we extend all services from other partners, like taxi drivers, ferry operators, tour providers and small hotels owners at very competitive rates. All these services are consolidated in our travel websites. For a good online travel planning experience visit one of our travel websites.

We have been growing year on year and have gained recognition in our field. Our partners have grown with us and so have our number of visitors. As a travel company we specialised in small budget accommodations like hotels, villas, self catering, holiday rentals and guest houses. You will notice that all these small establishments are local owned and therefore you are contributing directly into our economy.

We work closely with all the small Seychellois establishments and more closely with the ones that like us believe in protecting our environment. We provide the small hotels with state of the art e-commerce websites that enable them to participate more actively in a global environment. (look out for the “powered by Holidays Seychelles websites”) Because we are all Seychellois companies this ensures that what you buy from us are going into our economy and further developing our industry.

we are based on the islands of Mahe and Praslin. Because we are local, we have a solid knowledge of the 115 gorgeous granitic and coral islands in their various aspects, as well as the support of an experienced team of professionals working on the ground in Seychelles to provide you with the best eco-friendly travel available in this tropical paradise. By booking with us, you will be receiving expert technical advice as well as personalised service ensuring your Seychelles vacation will be unforgettable!

Our goal is to promote eco-tourism and adventure in a professional and responsible manner. We are focused on educating the inhabitants of the Seychelles as well as tourists on the importance of conservation of the islands, sea, coral reefs, and animal life. We have incorporated a forum about conservation on our site and started discussions with local schools to place information from their Eco Club activities online and share and exchange with other schools around the world.

We firmly believe in the importance of preserving the Seychelles' natural environment and educating others with the hope that hundreds of years from now the natural habitats and beauty of the islands will be equable. We, along with future generations, must be aware of the benefits, risks and dangers of mass tourism and we understand in order to effect change we must be an active part of that change and are focused on activities that contribute to local sustainable development in the Seychelles.

"It is a privilege and an honour to have been able to join whl.travel and see the untapped power in the network. The experience accumulated in this group is phenomenal and we are happy to be a part of it. We are working hard to promote responsible and sustainable tourism in our paradisiacal destination."

We are proud of the warm people and heavenly ambience in the Republic of Seychelles! Contact the team at Holidays Seychelles, and our local staff is ready to help plan your trip and help you experience our magnificent destination!