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We will work with you to find your perfect honeymoon.

Find your perfect Honeymoon Package.


We have over 100 hotels, villas and guest houses providing honeymooners with incentives and benefits for a perfect honeymoon.

Working with past guests, we know that chosing your accommodation is a  close endeavour. We will let you pick your accommodation of choice and obviously giving the best deals.


See some of the honeymoon packages that we have prepared and compare.

Activities whilst on honeymoon:

This varies from couple to couple and again we have lots of things to do in our list of tours and activities, pick and choose, add to your shoping list.

Budget for your honeymoon:

To budget for your honeymoon Package. Enter the check in date and check out date in the top right cornet. Click update and the system will give you the rate for that period. you can use these rates for you budget, transfers and activities can be added on request.


Seychelles airport to praslin for 2 people by  cat coco ferry to hotel in praslin including all bus transfers is 298 euro return.

Seychelles airport to la digue for 2 people by cat coco ferry/ cat rose ferry to hotel in la digue including all bus transfers is 370 euro return.

Happy planning. If you need help please let us know.


Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy of any honeymoon package is governed by the hotel where the accommodation is chosen.