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  • Location: Port Launay Marine park
  • Distance from airport:40KM
  • Facilities: 5 Star Resorts

Constance Ephelia Resorts, Luxury resort, Mahe island


Constance Ephelia Resort is a luxury resort located in the middle of a large protected wetland area and marine park. The wetland consists of all 8 different endemic mangrooves found only in the Seychelles.

The luxury resort was built to be part of this famous land scape and takes care of the environment. To accompany the marine park the resort has two of the most beautiful beaches on the west coast.

Be part of this innovative approach to development and environmental protection.

Book your stay at Ephelia Resort. For groups of corporates initiatives there is a large fully equiped conference hall.

Boutiques - 5 on-site shops located by the North and South Beaches, where you will find clothes, locally made art and crafts, Constance Hotels Experience products and some daily essentials.

The Constance Ephelia resort is located Port Launay, a combination of marine park and wet land combined as protected area.

The Port Launay Bay provide good swimming/snorkelling, perfect beachfront location. If you pay attention to the wetland, you will notice 8 different species of mangroves, the only place in the Seychelles where such things happen. 

If you can talk a walk to cap ternay (5KM), the most remote place on Mahe Island.




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Hotel Address: Port Glaud, Mahe Island, Mahe

Getting there

The location is at Port Launay.

We do provide transfers, private or shared, or you can simply take a taxi.