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We do have a list of activities and tours that you can add to your accommodation. Book your hotel first then you can add you activities.

The Seychelles seem to be Mother Nature's favourite child. She has bestowed on these 115 islands a majestic beauty. Miles of beaches with pristine white sand, fringed by topaz-blue waves against a backdrop of lush verdant hills and huge glacial boulders - and all this in peace and tranquillity without the crowds! Add to this quaint Seychelles holiday & tours, exotic creole cuisine of Seychelles, and friendly locals and you have a truly magical Seychelle holiday vacation!

How to travel to and around the Seychelles islands?

Seychelles is, undeniably, a fine tourist destination. Some of the world best airline comes to our shores.

Most of the airlines hub at their respecting home country for efficiency. If transit time is an issue, choose an airline with multiple arrivals a day like emirates. Air Seychelles has a short change over in Abu Dhabi.

It you are going to Praslin Seychelles or la digue island and you are planning to go by ferry please ensure that you are arriving in the morning or early afternoon. There are no ferry services after 16:30 between mahe and praslin island.


Location: Mahe
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Location: Mahe
Location: Mahe