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Patatran Village - Hotel, La Digue Island


Having five different room categories that offer unique and exclusive Creole decor, Patatran Village hotel offers breathtaking views of the crystal clear waters of the azure sea from the hotel balcony.

Locate beach front on the granite edge of Anse Patate in la Digue Island , Patatran hotel provide one to the best destination in la Digue Island. The beach is different from the others being partly big rocks and sand in a cool shadow environment.

With a colonial style, the Patatran Village Hotel, the pride of Seychelles hotel is the ideal place for romance, relaxation and total comfort.  All the rooms are very spacious and offer sea views from their private balconies which are ideal for a hide-away Seychelles vacation.

Eating in at Patatran hotel

Patatran hotel has 2 main restaurants able to satisfy the gourmet in you.

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